Coexist With It All

Being ill (mentally or physically) is not a sign of weakness. There is nothing “wrong” or “misaligned”. All is merely arising. Some of the most evolved gurus had diseases, but they knew they were neither the body nor mind. And some of the most evolved gurus overcame their diseases. The same with people who are unevolved: […]

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Can We “Meat” In The Middle?

The other day I read an interesting online article about veganism. The author was a vegan for several years and renounced the lifestyle to go back to eating meat. The comments section was inundated with tirades from readers condemning her for her lack of compassion, though she made it clear that she was never a […]

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Ask Me Again

When people ask whether I support gay rights, I am baffled, because the question – in and of itself – immediately polarizes us against others. Aren’t we tired of discrimination? Non-duality entails that separation is illusory, so if someone asks me whether I support gays, and I see the universe as one body, one may […]

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Ego or Love Consciousness?

Ego-collective consciousness: We want to rule the world, militarily, economically, financially, politically. We taunt nature by creating a matrix of divisiveness, and humiliate our brothers and sisters for their skin color, sexual preference, gender. When we are conservative, we want to cover others; and if we are against veils, we want to literally strip others […]

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