Ask Me Again

When people ask whether I support gay rights, I am baffled, because the question – in and of itself – immediately polarizes us against others. Aren’t we tired of discrimination? Non-duality entails that separation is illusory, so if someone asks me whether I support gays, and I see the universe as one body, one may […]

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Ego or Love Consciousness?

Ego-collective consciousness: We want to rule the world, militarily, economically, financially, politically. We taunt nature by creating a matrix of divisiveness, and humiliate our brothers and sisters for their skin color, sexual preference, gender. When we are conservative, we want to cover others; and if we are against veils, we want to literally strip others […]

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(Un)Social Media

Recently, a woman I know posted a photograph of a collapsed Buddhist temple in Myanmar and she added a caption praising God. As a Muslim, she was so outraged by what was happening to the Rohingya, that she must have forgotten her innocent Buddhist brothers and sisters – who have nothing to do with the […]

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Viva L’Amore

So far, there is no ideology – apart from love – that is entirely peaceful. Darkness can never hide behind love or misinterpret it; for love has no scripture, no rituals, no dogma. It speaks for itself and is the most powerful transformer and the only force that can bring us close to the divine without any conditions. […]

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